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About Servnetic 

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When it comes to choosing an accounting firm, small business owners need to seek one that has the best interests in your business, one which you can build a trustworthy partnership with and has comprehensive accounting services to handle your financial accounts from A-Z, for maximum effectivity and efficiency.

At Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy, we uphold our highest standards in accounting services and solutions with a pool of experienced and qualified professionals from accounting, tax, advisory, and audit backgrounds to serve you and your business anytime anywhere. Give importance to your company rather than the accounting division. Leave that to us.

We have helped many small businesses in Malaysia – the majority from Kuala Lumpur and Penang to handle their business accounts and provide necessary financial advice and guidance to simplify your financial management and translate the numbers into words so you can get back to what’s important; running your business and making informed and educated business decisions.

Our Story

We are dedicated to helping all the businesses and families we work with to thrive towards their best.
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This mission started when a group of client-obsessed accountants and auditors who work in different big Audit and Accounting firms were catching up over coffee.

As they were chatting about their work and experiences, they noticed a common problem in the market – most of the big established accounting and auditing firms don’t have fair and standard charges for their services.

Especially since they worked closely with the clients, they felt it was unfair to the small business owners with limited budgets. They found there is a common sentiment among these small business owners — not happy with overspending on big accounting and auditing firms to manage their business accounts.

With a deep understanding of the mindset of small business owners, we identified a clear opportunity gap that could be filled with our professional skills and over 15 years of combined experience in providing accounting consultancy for small businesses.

This realisation gave birth to Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy. Established in 2020, we are a professional and independent accounting firm in Penang. ‘Servnetic’ represents the fusion of ‘Serve’ and ‘Energetic’. 

While we may appear new in the market, don’t be misled by the number. Irrespective of the industry, shape, or size, we are dedicated to serving our clients with integrity, loyalty, and professionalism.

Our Philosophy

To serve is always better than to be served.

Our Vision

To be nationally known as a trusted accounting firm for providing comprehensive and professional services to our customers, as well as providing a sustainable working environment that focuses on growth and development.

Our Mission

At Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy, our customer service sets our accounting firm apart from the rest. We make it our priority to reach out to clients consistently because we care about the success of their business. Your ability to maximize your company’s profitability is made possible by the proactive business advice and tax preparation offered by our skilled team of chartered accountants, tax experts, and business advising and consultants

integrity, principles and professionalism

Strive to provide the best financial and professional services in line with the highest level of integrity, principles and professionalism.

sustainable solutions

To provide sustainable solutions and services to our respected customers to achieve long-term win-win solutions.

trust and loyalty

To cultivate positive and sustainable relationships with clients, partners, and staff based on trust and loyalty.

Emphasise and acknowledge

Emphasise and acknowledge the importance and perpetual need for creative thinking, innovative ideas, career development and a healthy balance between work and family life.

good steward

To be a good steward of clients, staff and businesses entrusted to us. 

Meet the

The secret sauce in Servnetic is our people. We have a team of very talented and passionate accountants who strive their best to meet your business goals and needs.

It is owned and run by 2 founders with over 15 years of combined experience — Ms Wendy Ling Pei Yin and Ms Ong Teng Bin.

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Ms Wendy graduated with a degree in Accounting from Curtin University. She used to work in a construction company with auditing, accounting and tax.

Ms Ong Teng Bin graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Finance from Universiti Utara Malaysia. She is an accountant currently shouldering huge accounting responsibilities at an MNC.

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Why is Accounting important for Small Business in Malaysia?

Accounting is especially important for small businesses in Malaysia as it provides owners, managers, investors, other stakeholders and the government with quantitative financial information about the business to evaluate its financial performance. 

Tracking income and expenses, recording financial transactions in the books of accounts, and ensuring statutory compliance are the basic goals of accounting. These tasks help to identify, measure, and communicate economic information that can be used to inform corporate choices.

Moreover, IRBM or LHDN requires all businesses to keep their books at a minimum level that tracks income and expenditure.


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