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Welcome to Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy. We are an independent accounting services firm based in Penang that consists of a team of passionate and professional chartered accountants, tax specialists, advisories and consultants dedicated to assisting and advising small businesses in Malaysia to grow.

Our partners and senior staff are highly trained and qualified with a high professional level of accounting, tax and technical expertise. We specifically put together a skilled and seasoned team to maximise our ability to give you the level of personal attention which your business demands and provide you with a wide range of accounting services and solutions to meet your business financial needs — from accounting, tax, advisory, financial analysis, payroll and more.

Essentially, no clients are too large or small for us. We are happy to serve them all.

Accounting Solutions

Accounting Solutions

We help you handle your sales & purchase invoice processing, debtor & creditor ageing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping, record keeping, monthly & yearly financial reports and more.

As a result of our many years of expertise working with small business owners, we have heard nothing but good things about outsourcing to Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy for effective accounting setup and administration. Mainly is because they can properly and closely track the money entering and leaving their business, which gives them more evaluated information and time to make smart business moves in building their business and profits.

Tax Submission & Tax Audit

Take the guesswork out of your taxes. Sole Proprietor Business Income, Partnership Business Income, and Personal Income are all handled, completed, and timely submitted by our skilled personnel.

We also help our valued clients to liaise with the IRBM or LHDN officers for any tax-related issues from the beginning to the end, making sure our clients don’t have anything to worry about.

So rest assured as the core of our team is anchored in taxation expertise and can stand up to the closest scrutiny to help you increase your business profitability, maintain high accuracy and abide by Malaysian laws.

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Financial Analysis Report 1

Financial Analysis Report

Depending on your requirements, we assist with preparing your sales report, financial statements, and financial analysis report for evaluation. Following that, we will assist you in understanding the financial accounts by converting numbers into analysed review language. 

We provide you with advice on financial strategies and tax planning by identifying areas that adversely influence the firm’s profitability and expansion after a thorough investigation. And give you perspectives on whether a loan is a good idea, how to consolidate debt, and more.

Payroll Processing

Outsource your payroll activities to Servnetic to streamline them.

The creation of payslips and submissions for EPF, EIS, SOCSO,  HRDF, and other funds are all included in our payroll processing services.

We’ll help you to increase efficiency and accuracy in your payroll management that is compliant with laws and regulations, making sure all your employees are paid on time and take care of your complex payroll filings if any, so your business can operate smoothly. Happy employee, happy company.

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Our Clients Trust Us

At Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy, we have a pool of skilled, professional and passionate chartered accountants, tax specialists, business advisors and consultants dedicated to assisting with your business accounting and advising your business to thrive and grow.

Here’s what our clients say about us.

“I received a letter from IRB in regards to tax discrepancies and I needed to submit my recent 3 years of financial business history which I had not been keeping proper financial tax filing. I needed to resolve this on short notice. Servnetic was very supportive and quick to action in communicating with IRB officers and my company to close all the gaps. It saved me plenty of trouble and my penalty was down to a minimum. I would definitely keep working with Servnetic for their unwavering customer service and attention to detail!”
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(SME Owner)
I could not ask for better service and amazing quick response!! All my tax declaration is done and dusted along with my sons. I feel Servnetic stepped outside the box to have this actioned and completed so quick and accurate! They also always advise us on the latest new information regarding the tax relief. Again THANK YOU and highly recommended!
Mr.Jason Ling
I have been using these guys for years and WILL never go anywhere else. Amazing service, always with a smile and caring attitude. No need to worry about my tax declaration anymore. I highly recommend 🙂
Mr. Ong HH
“I was not familiar with the importance or significance of proper and timely tax filing until I got rejected for a loan. It was only because I lack 1 year of financial tax filing that I got rejected! Fortunately, Servnetic guided me step by step on what needed to be done and my loan is now approved! It was easy to understand with Servnetics’ explanations and they were very patient and helpful from the start to finish. Certainly would recommend Servnetic!”
Elin Tang
(Tax Client)
Servnetic have been looking after my business and accounting interests for 2 years now. I appreciate their skill in looking after my accounts, every year they learn a little bit more about me and my business, and I really appreciate their knowledge, skills, foresight, and friendliness. From the quick return of emails and phone calls, to the genuine concern for all of our business interests, I could not more highly recommend Servnetic to anyone!
Altius Group Sdn Bhd
强力推荐Servnetic的报税服务!我对报税是一窍不通的,但是她们会用我能明白的方式一一解释给我听. 除此之外,她们也教我怎样收好可以扣税的文件和单,让我享用应该有的税收减免!


If your business is too small to hire an in-house accountant or you simply don’t have the desire to do it yourself. While Autocount is used by many small business owners, the software can be more complicated than you think.

By outsourcing your accounting, you can free yourself to focus on other aspects of your business.

Monthly accounting services provide substantially more value than only an annual service. If an accountant only sees your numbers once a year, it is too late to offer advice that would have helped to make that year more profitable and too late to lower your tax liability for a year that is already over with.

5 ways monthly accounting pays for itself:-
· It saves you time
· You get regular business profitability advice
· You have peace of mind that your finances are handled well
· Your tax liability is reduced
· You can make more proactive financial decisions.

Our customer service sets our firm apart. We make it our priority to reach out to clients on a consistent basis because we care about the success of your business. Our experienced team of accountants also provide proactive business advice and tax planning, allowing you to maximize your profits. Contact us to learn more!

It may be more efficient, in terms of time and money, to outsource bookkeeping to a firm rendering professional services.

Accounting is important for small business owners as it helps the owners, managers, investors and other stakeholders in the business evaluate the financial performance of the business.

The main objective of accounting is to record financial transactions in the books of accounts to identify, measure and communicate economic information. Moreover, IRB requires you to keep your books at a minimum level that tracks income and expenditure.

Yes, you still need to file tax returns, even if your business does not have profit. This is important if you need your loan to be approved to finance your house. You will be required to show your tax acknowledgement receipt as a financial proof to process your loan application

First, don’t panic. Your required action will depend on the type of mistake you made.

If you forgot to include a certain piece of information
, the IRB will likely contact you to request the specific piece of information.

If you made a mistake in your calculations, many small mathematical errors will be discovered as the IRB processes the return. It’s unlikely that you will have to correct errors of a small calibre.

If you have further questions or concerns about an error on your tax return, or if you need help filing an amended tax return, contact us to learn more.

A lot of clients panic when they see the audit letter from IRB. There are always chances that IRB might audit your corporation or personally, Servnetic Enterprise due to expert knowledge in tax help to communicate and deal with IRB directly on your behalf. This will create peace of mind for you as we will take care of all your IRB audit needs.

Yes, we can. By taking a deep dive into your business and expenses we can help determine which items are deductible.

Outsourcing payroll saves your time and money. It is less expensive to have an outside service process your payroll when you factor in all the variables. You also get the peace of mind of having a payroll professional making sure that you comply.


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