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Exploring the idea of outsourcing your payroll services

Boost efficiency and accuracy with Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy, the leading outsourced payroll provider in Malaysia

Our comprehensive payroll outsourcing services offer flexible management tailored to suit businesses of any size and industry. We can drive the growth of your business and adress compliance needs, ensuring the well-being of your employees.

Rest assured, your employees will be paid accurately and on time as we adhere to all laws and regulations governing employee payments in Malaysia. As your trusted payroll outsourcing partner, count on our experienced team for payroll processing, payslip preparation, and submissions for EPF, SOCSO, LHDN, EIS, HRDF, and more.

We also offer comprehensive accounting and tax services, including full-set accounting solutions and financial statement analysis in Malaysia

Salary Listing Payslips

Salary Listing & Payslips

Monthly report that shows total salary & total statutory payment that paid to employee

Submission of EPF, SOCSO & EIS

Monthly calculation and submission of statutory payment
Submission of EPF SOCSO EIS
Calculation Submission of PCB HRDF

Calculation & Submission of PCB & HRDF

Monthly calculation and submission of employee personal tax and HRDF levy


1. Improved focus and increased efficiency on core business activities
You can finally free up your time to focus on growing your business strengths and allowing your employees to concentrate on their main tasks, future strategy and daily operations. Our specialised payroll services help you achieve a more productive, efficient service with greater quality to ease your mind.


2. Save costs
You can cut down the cost of hiring a full-time payroll team or purchasing payroll software that you are not familiar with. These costs that you saved can be better used for investments in other aspects of your business.


3. Guarantees compliance
Outsourcing your payroll system helps increase your business’ flexibility and agility to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions and challenges.

No matter your business size or industry, you no longer have to stress about keeping up with the latest rules and regulations on Malaysia EPF, EIS, and SOCSO. 

Discover valuable insights in our article explaining why you should outsource payroll for your business to payroll providers.

Small business owners like you are the focus of Servnetic Accounting & Tax Consultancy, which offers competent and trustworthy payroll services to handle and manage your payroll procedures – so that you can ease your mind.

Here are some reasons why our esteemed clients choose us for their payroll outsourcing needs:

  1. We are always up to date and adhere to the latest rules and regulations for KWSP, LHDN, EPF, EIS & SOCSO and Bank GIRO in Malaysia for salary disbursement
  2. The highest level of security is used to secure data stored with us, including privacy and security
  3. Trusted and simplified payroll services with 10+ years of experience
  4. We prepare the annual income tax return of the employee and a thorough payroll report for management approval
  5. Retains new hires on the payroll, administers EPF and SOCSO contributions, and saves time
  6. We help manage employees’ data related to a new hire, resignation and termination processing
  7. No hidden charges with our services

Outsourcing payroll saves your time and money. After accounting for all the variables, it is less expensive to have a third party handle your payroll. Additionally, you benefit from the assurance that a payroll expert is watching out for your compliance. We organise your paperwork and streamline your company’s payroll procedures.

Most importantly, you can skip doing the payroll on your own. However, if you choose to manage it internally, check out our article to learn how to calculate payroll manually to ensure it’s done correctly.


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